Data Management

Data Management

Add data support to your business without hiring a single person or adding any square footage.

From entry to processing to management -- your data is critical to every facet of your business. We can develop and execute the practices and procedures needed to properly manage your full data lifecycle. Our solutions are flexible and can be tailored help you manage the daily load or any spikes in volume you may experience.

Data Entry

Our experienced data entry team can help you manage your daily data or sporadic spikes in volume. We can enter basic contact information or fully detailed fact-finders and survey questionnaires, depending on need. Efficiency is important and quality is key.

Data Processing

Merge/purge, NCOA, CASS certification, postal presorts, data standardization, file suppressions, and kit seeding are a sample of the processes handled by our capable Data Processing team. We'll manage the details -- you focus on the big picture.

Database Management

A centralized lead repository merges multiple lead sources (telemarketing, direct mail, ad campaigns, web, etc.) into one secure repository -- leveraging daily uploads that populate quickly giving you real-time access and reporting.