Meet LeadForce -- a lead generation and distribution powerhouse.

Looking to maximize your time, boost productivity and close more sales? LeadForce has you covered. Take it on the road and utilize our smart mobile technology or spend the day in the office with our easy-to-use desktop version. Get in touch to check out our live demo and see what LeadForce can do for you.


Lead Distribution

Drag and drop lead assignment keeps you eco-friendly and organized. Merge multiple lead sources, recycle older leads to different agents in case the 2nd or 3rd contact is the charm and monitor the life-cycle of a lead, so no lead is ever lost or forgotten. Easily reassign leads if you experience agent turnover or to contend with low producing agents. Set up auto-assign for agents and rest easy knowing that all lead assignment transactions are tracked in history.

Manage Leads

Impact conversion by uploading new leads the day they arrive so managers can assign them and agents can work them instantly on their dashboard or mobile device. Simple clicks capture follow-up status, notes and calendar appointments. Instant map display creates a quick visual for potential prospecting or cross-selling. Agents can send customized letters or cross-sell correspondence to customers based on follow-up status, birth month or lead type.

Order Mailings

Not all seniors surf the web. If you're not sending out direct mail campaigns you are missing 55% of your senior prospects. With just a few clicks, LeadForce makes it easy to communicate to those prospects with targeted direct mail programs. Order mailings from your desktop based on customized creative, geography, demographics and data modeling. Mailers include: Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Senior Life and Final Expense.




"LeadForce is an intuitive, easy to use, sales lead and data management application for your desktop, as well as all your mobile devices. Your marketing team, managers and sales force can access and work from anywhere."

No need to click through a gazillion pages. LeadForce offers simple navigation on one screen. Each of our portals -- agent, office, administrative and executive -- are designed for maximum effectiveness and ease of use. All information is easily viewable in one single workspace so you can spend your time reaching goals, not chasing information.


Quick stat analysis charts and graphs help managers prove results, track progress, determine budgets, make forecasts and implement change. Marketing budgets require accurate analysis to determine realistic ROI. LeadForce has advanced technologies to track and measure all of your marketing results and provide intuitive data mining and metrics in a snapshot.


The relationship doesn't end with the build or the launch. Our experienced team is here for the day-to-day and the long haul. Dedicated Client Service Representatives and Project Managers, backed by our capable IT department, will guarantee your expectations are met and exceeded. Period.



LeadForce Mobile App

1-Click Calling

Up your productivity with 1-click-calling hot links that allow you to contact prospects quickly from anywhere.

Instant Access

Get instant access to all your leads from anywhere as soon as they are assigned.

More Prospects

Use the 4 closest neighbors GPS feature to turn one sales call into two or more and change dispositions on the fly.

Easy Mapping

Make every minute on the road count. Map the shortest routes to your prospects using LeadForce's built-in GPS technology.